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Our average response time is less than 2 hours for all customer enquires. We take your business as seriously as we do our own.

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Leverage our interactive training tutorials and common FAQ's on our support portal.

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Understand where your advertising dollars are being spent in a fully transparent manner.

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Purchase and manage website traffic from tens of thousands of publishers all in one place.

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Want to automate your life? Create campaigns, upload banners or manage your websites revenue automatically.

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Adnium truly is the next generation ad network. We offer real time statistics, advanced targeting options, CPM based billing, and advanced campaign optimization.

1. Built For Success

Optimal Targeting with Sophisticated Metrics: reach the demographic you want when and how you want with solid and transparent metrics at your fingertips. Adnium provides the tools for success and boasts the flexibility needed to meet the unique demands of our partners.

2. CPM

CPM (cost per thousand ads) is not a buzzword, it is the new and definitive way to distinguish the real value of advertising on a site. Gone are the days of advertisers being charged for ads never seen, CPM levels the playing field and everyone wins. Advertisers are guaranteed to pay only for ads that are viewed, immediately increasing their potential ROI. Publishers earn more for their ad zones because they become more valuable as they perform legitimately.

3. Boost Your ROI

Adnium sells PREMIUM traffic that is optimized to increase productivity and campaign effectiveness. Being part of our network enables advertisers and publishers the opportunity to reach new levels of success.

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Adnium's CPM business model, is introduced to elevate your ROI. Pay only for real impressions by real people and count on a real return on investment. Based only off of viewable impressions, your advertisements must be displayed to the end user to count. This is the time for accountability and better business practices and is leading the way to fostering accountability thus delivering premium, precision targeted traffic that converts for you. The days of paying for blind impressions is over. Transparency and more valuable exposure is what delivers. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

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Adnium is designed for simple navigation and offers you the most powerful tools built for the purpose of driving increased revenues to your bank account. You have the control to set restrictions on the content you will allow on your sites giving you the power and protection you desire. Above all, our real time stats and advanced breakdown of your traffic gives you a clear picture of what you are earning in various geos and so forth. Your ad zones are worth more, is the network to heighten your earning potential.