Feb, 12

Make Them Remember You

Adding to your site's creative design

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Have you ever come by a website for the first time and while the content being offered initially pulled you in, the environment around that content was lacking so significantly that the user experience was forgettable?

You wouldn’t be alone. Often times users hop from domain to domain perusing various niche content. But how many of those visited websites actually stick in the memory of the surfer? The truth is, very few. 

One chance at a first impression; how good will yours be?

Users, or customers, make many of their entertainment and purchasing decisions based on emotional reactions to an offer, sales pitch, or the content they’re taking in. It’s an impulse that’s hard to deny, and you may only have one opportunity to capture them as a loyal member of your community, ie. a returning user.

Central to the entertainment experience is your video player. It usually starts here as the majority of surfers land on video pages and branch out from there, navigating further through your domain. As such, your player stands to make a big impression. Is it branded for your site, attractive in design, customizable, and capable of delivering HD content as quickly as possible? 

A player solution that keeps your customers front-of-mind

The Adnium Player offers a solution to publishers who are serious about capturing return customers. Not only does it provide the aforementioned, but comes equipped with native analytics that permit you to understand your traffic and referral sources to a greater degree; ultimately, The Adnium Player gives publishers tools to develop a better web-property.

Don’t let a mediocre player drag your business down. If you would like to join the discussion or learn more about The Adnium Player, you can do so HERE. We’re happy to share any information you require.


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