Mar, 19

adjusting in response to COVID-19


Last week I found myself on a beach, on the East Coast of the beautiful Dominican Republic. An email came through from our COO who was back in Toronto, addressed to the entire office, that measures were being taken to protect not only ourselves but the pubic in general during this time of concern.

The Adnium team has been working from home, practicing social distancing (and others self-quarantining where recent travel was involved) for greater than seven days now. It's business as usual, however, we are making continual adjustments to keep our minds stimulated, our bodies active, and our services consistent.

What we’ve been up to in isolation:

  • Daily fitness challenges 
  • Diligence in having an accurate Skype status
  • Greater use of video-calling
  • Morning and afternoon department ‘huddles’
  • Recipe sharing for meal ideas 

What has your office, or yourself, been up to while we globally combat COVID-19? We would love to hear any suggestions, tips, or stories.

Stay safe, stay responsible,

(p.s. if you're looking for a little face-time during this social slump, get your Adnium rep's attention on Skype and call us! We look forward to it)


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