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Does your player help you build a better web property?

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How much information is your player passing back to you?

It goes without saying that online marketing in 2020 is a world filled with deep data analysis. Work from a webmaster’s perspective is no different as publishers evaluate a range of analytics that influence and determine how successful a web property is. Indicators such as bounce rate, key-word rankings (SEO), time on site, the popularity of certain content or niches, referral source data, and advertising rates are critical to your revenue stream; how you collect and manage this information can either put you in a position of advantage or disadvantage.

At the center of many web-properties based in the Adult market is the video player, so again, what data sets does your player offer you?

“When the Adnium Player was in development a critical component we wanted to offer publishers was that of meaningful native analytics that could assist in the management and growth of web sites in our space. We are addressing a need and offering a tool that will take not only the user experience but your decision making capabilities to the next level.” said Player Integration Specialist, Ior Oliveros.

While some alternative player options offer an integration with Google Analytics for data retrieval, the Adnium Player hosts a range of native statistics readily available through the dashboard. These data points are specific to the player itself and help to paint a picture of how your property is performing so you can track trends, both positive and negative.

Join our conversation. What features do you look for in a player? Let us know so we can pass them along to our development team for consideration.

Find more on our video player project, or register for integration HERE.

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