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Porndoe Partners with Adnium Player

Signaling the official launch of Adnium's latest offering

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Prominent Tube and Pay site Program, Porndoe.com, has entered into a partnership with The Adnium Player, a new software product release courtesy of Grand Slam Media Inc. that promises to disrupt a market lacking in options and innovation. The official launch date for The Adnium Player is February 3, 2020.

Adnium’s latest product stands to rival existing software failing to meet the increasing demands of an online user base fixed on receiving the fastest, clearest, and most feature rich service available. In a space where site choices are plentiful, the player addresses these demands by scoring an impressive 100/100 on Google’s Page Speed Test, which is a definite advantage for publishers concerned with SEO efforts.   

“We’ve been a leader as ad-brokers in this industry for better than twelve years now and with The Adnium Player we identified a market segment that had a lot of room for improvement.” Said Grand Slam Media CEO, Luke Hazelwood. “Casual conversations over time, with various publishers across our network saw certain themes arise time and again. The interest in a more comprehensive video player for a greater user-experience was definitely one of those themes. Our partners wanted a faster loading unit, more customizable features, deeper analytics and more. We firmly believe we got this product right and we are going to deliver all of that.” 

How the Adnium Player will benefit publishers

The Player will boast an array of Native Analytics, each giving publishers the opportunity to better understand their customers, what engages them, and ultimately enabling site owners to drive greater revenues to their bottom line. Advanced data subsets such as statistics by URL or subID, will give webmasters insights into the quality of their referral sources, permitting them to build a foundation of traffic-referrers that meet and exceed their KPIs. 

While The Adnium Player was developed with both Pay site and Tube site products in mind, offering its share of benefits to either model, it does come equipped with an excellent Ad-Stack (optional) as well from Grand Slam Media’s real-time bidding network, Adnium.com. CEO Hazlewood had more to add. 

“Advertising is our core focus and the player is another solid tech product that compliments Adnium’s value proposition. The Adnium Player is not only VAST but VPAID compatible meaning advertisers can utilize rich-media, fully interactive ads; and when you run the Network tags you’re getting access to a who’s-who list of prominent video advertisers. A publisher also has the ability to set restrictions on verticals, granting them full control over the content and the experience they want to offer their customers.”  

More on the partnership

Porndoe.com, a premium tube site with high quality traffic and fully licensed content was the first to integrate The Adnium Player as the product worked through its BETA stages. PornDoe’s platform was an ideal candidate for an initial integration as they separate themselves from most with a professional, experienced, and innovative approach to developing web properties.  Now ready for market, Grand Slam Media looks forward to a diversified 2020 and new conversations with partners old and new.

“What we get with PornDoe is a team of industry veterans that were looking for a better product themselves and were willing to be very candid in their feedback of anything we brought their way.” Notes Adnium COO, Edmond Hazlewood. “It’s always exciting to deepen relationships, and business dealings with companies that in many cases, we’ve been working with for several years. We have always been cognisant of the user experience whenever reviewing a web-property and now we can support that in a very positive way.”

Why Porndoe decided on the Adnium Player

When asked about the partnership, Phil of porndoe.com offered the following. 

“The decision in partnering up with Grand Slam Media Inc. for the Adnium Player was a no brainer for us. GSM has proven, for over a decade, to understand both needs of advertisers and publishers, making them an unequivocal leader in their field.

The biggest challenge we, and many others, have encountered over the years is divided opportunities when it comes to the most crucial site element; the video player. Although most current providers offer site owners basic capabilities, they never fully grasped the concept of monetisation, letting tons of revenues seep through the cracks.

GSM successfully understood and bridged this void by bringing together cutting edge technology, granular analytics and years of knowledge in the advertising world, giving birth to a new standard in the industry.” 

Looking to learn more? Click on the link to register for The Adnium Player, get further product details, or contact Adnium Support for any inquiries you may have. Enjoy the show.


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