Apr, 22

The Traffic Captain’s World

Make Some NOISE!!!

I began my career with Grand Slam Media in the summer of 2013, and by early 2014 started to attend the various trade shows put on in our industry. Working alongside experienced colleagues, I was quickly introduced to many partners as well as a number of the Adult industry’s colorful personalities; it wasn’t long before Andy Wullmer and I crossed paths. 

A little background…
Grand Slam Media has always been an enthusiastic, energetic environment to work in and with roots in a sporting culture it’s fair to say we become fan-like supporters of companies we respect. As such, we’re also quick to recognize those who reciprocate the appreciation, and it goes without saying that the Traffic Captain - with frequent party shout-outs, the repping of GSM swag, or both - has been an ambassador of ours long before our partnership with Traffic Partner came to be.

Tireless in his efforts there are few, if any, who jump from flight to flight, expo to expo, like Andy Wullmer shaking hands and doing business. So make some #@$&ing noise and ‘click click follow’ the Traffic Captain today by subscribing to his youtube channel, or check out his official website, Captain.xxx.

While you’re here…
Adult Friend Finder Mob300x250 - Whitelist (no dating, no cams, no teens)
White Label Dating Mob300x250 - Whitelist (no teens, dating allowed)
Date Profits Mob300x250 - Whitelist (BBW niche sites, no dating, no cams)
Traffic Partner Mob Pop-Under (DACH) - Whitelist (dating allowed)
Tube and Gallery site Desk300x250 - Whitelist (Select your GEOs)

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