Feb, 13

Why You Should Meet with Adnium in Cascais, Portugal

If you're an advertiser or publisher, we've got business to discuss!

February 28 - March 2, 2020, The European Summit Affiliate Conference will make its home in Cascais, Portugal and we’re excited to join the party. Dayna Deruelle and Stephanie Hall from the Adnium team will be in attendance; if you’re going, and own web properties or run Adult offers, we would be more than happy to talk business (we’re almost always up for a casual drink as well).

What Adnium has to offer

  • The Adnium Player. A video player tool for webmasters seeking to provide their users with a premium viewing experience.
  • Exclusive members area traffic. Discover inventory of a higher quality from our extensive list of members area publishers. 
  • A concerted focus given to Google compliancy. We take advertising rates very seriously, but not at the expense of compliance. If your search traffic matters to you, let’s talk.
  • Flexibility for advertisers. Whether you’re bidding for traffic in our RTB or making fixed deals with your Adnium rep, we’ve got options for everyone regardless of budget or targeting.

Time is valuable, so let’s make it count
We’re no different than you; our time at tradeshows is valuable and we can only fit so many meetings into the schedule. Whether we’re celebrating the business we already have together or forming a new relationship, let’s enjoy the company, evaluate the opportunity and be as quick as possible while doing so.

Openings are filling up, so if you would like to request a meeting with Dayna or Stephanie in Cascais, just contact us via the chat-box (bottom right) and a member of our customer experience team will be in touch!


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