Feb, 13

The Advanced Statistics Page

For Advertisers

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Are you new to Adnium or haven’t had time to invest in exploring it fully? Many advertisers are at first unaware of our advanced ‘statistics’ page (and no wonder, it was formerly called ‘finances’ until just recently) which can break down your campaigns on a far more granular level.

The image (right) shows Adnium’s Advertiser Statistics Page. The path is as follows: Advertisers (tab at top) > Statistics. Once there, you will want to click the black ‘Advanced’ button found at the bottom of the image. This will open up a number of fields for an advanced breakdown of campaign stats. 

An example a German traffic advertiser might use:

  1. Add a filter > Campaign is 123456
  2. Add a filter > Country is Germany
  3. Add a filter > Site is xdates18.com 

Group your data by: Creative

Using any number of combinations you can begin to make quick, intelligent decisions about your various campaigns, or daily spend as a whole. These stats can be particularly helpful once you’ve set up conversion or S2S tracking, keeping the pertinent data right in front of you, in one platform.

Check out the webinar

If you missed our video webinar speaking on Advanced Stats this past fall, you can find that HERE for a quick recap on the topic.


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